How Can the Average American Instigate Change in the Environment? 


Each and every one of us has developed routines: wake up, brush your teeth, go to school, do your homework. Yet routines can change. And change, whether thrust upon us or desired by us, requires us to choose to change our routines. That’s where individual choice comes into play. No matter who we are – gender, race, religion – we all possess the theoretical option to choose our actions. Individual decisions and choices are what drive meaningful change – this is especially true in terms of our environment. You can

explain environmental problems of your locality and this will be an effective way to help. Yet, what individual choices can best instigate meaningful, positive change in our natural world? First, we need to realize that the biggest obstacle to change via individual action is the belief that a single person can’t influence real change. As such, recognizing that there is real power in single actions is key to improving our environment. We can learn more about this by delving into what has caused this problem, focus on why it is still a persistent problem, and finding a solution that would lessen the consequences and better this issue.

Challenges of Environment

The environment. It’s a necessity for us, along with every other living and nonliving on Earth. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to do our day-to-day agendas. It’s defined as ‘the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates”(“Environment: Definition”). So imagine, what would we do if our environment was getting worse? What would humans do? Animals? plants? Unfortunately, this is no longer a hypothetical to just imagine because we are currently watching our environment deteriorate. And we are talking about the disadvantages of the environment that we have created ourselves. Have you ever had to write essay writing on environment? I think it would be a good idea to send it to anyone who wants to find out the issue. In order to find a solution, we need to focus on the problem that causes this to be an increasing concern, namely pollution. We have all heard the word “pollution”; whether we know what it means or not, it’s a word that has gained usage throughout the years. Why am I bringing up pollution? It is the biggest problem in our environment. Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. (National Geographic) To simplify, pollution is anything that doesn’t belong where it is. That includes litter. It’s the most common pollution, and also what most people think of when they hear the word pollution. But there are many other types of pollution as well. The three main types of pollution are land, water and air pollution. Each of them has a significant impact on our environment. This can also be read in numerous essay environments.

Land pollution includes litter, industrial waste, and incorrect use of dangerous pesticides (in text cite). Its know as anything that contaminates the land which at most times, can be lead by human activity(Rinkesh).Why should we care about land pollution? First of all, land pollution can be caused by deforestation, human waste, industrial waste and many more. It can impact and contaminate the soil by bringing passing on toxic chemicals, which will impact our crops as well as the water that we drink. This ultimately will affect humans and the animals in that area. Short term effects be headaches, rashes but the long term effects can be linked to many diseases, one including cancer(White)

What about literature? You can take a look at the essay topics about the environment or the studies by students of environmental institutes that can outline the main environmental issues. Water pollution has gained a lot of attention after videos of waves of plastics and animals being entangled in plastic and even consuming plastic. Water pollution can come from household chemicals, industrial waste, water runoffs, oil spills, and even fertilizer. (in text cite) This can become a huge problem because it can make the drinking water unsafe to drink. It also endangers the wildlife living in the ocean.

Air pollution is the release of gases from Earth’s surface. It is mostly caused by natural occurrences or human activity. This becomes a problem because it can harm human health as well as the environment and it could lead to many diseases. It is also one of the main factors that contributes in the ozone depletion and global warming. (in text cite) Pollution is one of the biggest problems that has many negative impacts on our environment.

Climate change is one of the more critical effects of pollution, causes of environmental crisis more specifically – air pollution. Climate change (Shaftel).

Social issues of environment

This issue has become more and more significant due to countries and industries. Greenhouse gases which are a type of air pollution, comes mostly from transportation, electricity and industries(“Sources of Greenhouse”). Of the industries, some of the most impacting ones are the Used Lead Acid Battery, Mining and Ore Processing, and Lead Smelting(in cite text). When we look at emissions globally, China produces the most, and right after that, the United States(in text cite). This is all due to new technologies and modernization. Individuals play a huge role in the environment.